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We run a system of operation that ensures prompt response to client needs and demands. This makes it easy to set up appointments in the most convenient way for our clients. Before and after cleaning, our team is readily available to ascertain that the client’s needs are met while creating viable channels for feedback and evaluation from our clients.
House Cleaning

Housecleaning is done to make the house look good, smell better, more secure and less demand to live in....

Moving In and Out Cleaning

Moving is a big job. many people say it is a stressful and exhausting experience in which no one...

Pest Control

It is a known fact that fumigation involves the following stages: First the proposed area to be disinfected...

Commercial Cleaning

One of the first things clients notice is a clean environment and workspace, make the right impression....

Post Construction Cleaning

The objective of the post-construction stage is to maintain the building performance throughout...


How do I know I can trust the people you send to my house ?

We are particular about who we hire. Allure pro cleaners employees undergo thorough training and are employed not to work with bags or any of their personal properties. Our employees are trained professionally to meet demanding standards and security measures are in place to tackle criminal acts. Trust is a very crucial component of our business and we take pride in wanting to build trust in hundreds to thousands of our customers in years to come.

How often do I need to clean my house ?

It is recommended to clean your house daily, hence Allure pro cleaners offer a flexible and affordable cleaning service. Allure pro cleaners offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning services. In addition, we are available for special one-time cleaning and this includes move-in/move out, deep cleaning, commercial cleaning, post-construction cleaning, and occasional cleaning for clients in need of quick help.

Do I have to sign a contract ?

For our house cleaning and fumigation, there is no contract to sign. Our post-construction, office cleaning and commercial cleaning have different contracts drafted depending on the demands of our clients.

What if I have Pets?

Pets are not problems. However, we do need to be notified if you own pets, and would like to know their names. We often advise for pets to be with our customers whenever we are rendering a pest control service.