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Post Construction Cleaning

The objective of the post construction stage is to maintain the building performance throughout the existence of the facility. To provide you with a smooth post construction cleaning experience Allure pro cleaners clean using the following procedures:
I. The Rough cleaning procedure: This ensures that all construction debris which may include Caulking, Paint over-spray and adhesives are removed a detailed fashion. Windows, window frames, floors and glass partitions are all thoroughly cleaned as well.
II. Final Clean and Touch up procedure : This phase begins with a repetition of the glass cleaning followed by an in-depth cleaning of all interior surfaces. At the completion of this phase the space is usually considered “move-in ready”. Areas to be detailed will consist of:

  • Cabinets: Each cabinet will be cleaned inside out with a microfiber cloth and a neutral cleaner and the tops will be vacuumed to remove any accumulated dust or debris
  • Bathrooms: All bathrooms are cleaned from top to bottom including floors, fixtures, tubs, showers, counters, mirrors and walls.
    Baseboards and Floors: Every baseboard and floor is detailed with the utmost care.
  • On our quest to create a spotless world for our clients, we go back to every aspect of the newly built house and do touch-up cleaning so as to make sure dust and debris is being taken care of.
    These Procedures will ensure your newly built house is a ready-to-show condition quickly and professionally. We also ensure we carry you along with the processes so as to ensure your expectations are met
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